Getting ready for the new year

Wow! Time has gone so fast and 2015 has almost closed its curtains on us. This time of the year for me is all about reflection – and my goal with that is to find gratitude for every single thiThankyoung that happened to me throughout the year. Good or bad – who am I to judge? They all helped me grow and to become who I am right now.

It’s so easy for us to complain, to never be satisfied, to want more, to chase something new – and yet it’s so important to feel grateful for every single day we are alive, all the amazing people in our lives.

So only 4 days before the year end, I invite you too –  to count your blessings, to be thankful for all the lessons, and tap yourself on the back for being the amazing human being you are right here and now. 🙂

Time for detox! You might think – ‘here we go again, don’t want to hear about it yet’. But I mean emotional detox – let’s get rid of all the greed, anger and foolishness, the self-limiting thoughts and let’s focus on our dreams and to become the best human beings we can be this coming year – and let’s all do this our own unique way. No comparison required.


It’s also time to forgive ourselves for resolutions that have never happened, let go of the past and focus on the present and the new year and new adventures to come.

Let go of what happened and get excited about all the new opportunities a new year can bring you.

You can make it all happen! You will make it all happen!

I’m wishing you all the strength, courage and seeking spirit to achieve all your dreams and to make 2016 a very special one!

Lots of love, Edi a.k.a. Nutreena  dark-key_01