About Edi Csanalosi – Nutritionist East London

Edi Csanalosi - Gondold Újra Magad… Teremts Új EredményeketMy journey started about 5 years ago – after moving to the UK from Hungary (where I grew up). I started to feel like I was missing something. I exercised quite a lot and I thought (what most people might be thinking) – that I’m eating well enough (following all the healthy ads, right?)

I knew there was more to food than the traditional Hungarian stuff (sorry mum). I also realised very quickly that the usual British diet does not agree with me. So I started to look for answers in as many books as possible. I came across some really great ones at the beginning of my journey and got inspired to read more and  more. (The first few books I read were: Healing with Whole Foods by Paul Pitchford and  Udo Erasmus’s Fats that Heal and Fats that Kill).

It was around this time when my mum’s best friend was diagnosed with cancer. It was a shock to all of us – you heard about it and felt extremely sorry for anyone who had it, but didn’t expect it within your close circles. Well today’s statistics are way worse than that.

I was desperate to help her – and by this time I was encouraged by family and friends to go and study nutrition – so I was already in my first year towards a Diploma in Naturopathic Nutrition. Unfortunately she didn’t make a recovery. But that was the first time I truly awakened to my mission of trying to help as many people as possible to heal themselves naturally.

Part of a healthy lifestyle is exercise. I started running around 9 years ago, I was in the middle of a relationship crisis and found that running helped me in coping with it. It also helped my confidence and gave me an energy boost in the mornings. I ran three times a week in the morning and made me a much happier person. And those days were more productive. It felt like having two mornings in a day. Since then I ran several half marathons and it’s still part of my every day life as well as my latest love – yoga.

As Wayne Dyer so wonderfully put – Our lives are a sum total of the choices we have made.

To live like this means to take responsibility for our own life – including our health. This word can be so overused and misleading, by the food industry, pharmaceutical companies, bad quality fitness supplement companies, fast food chains etc.

And here we are with all these chronic epidemics – all being the result of the series of bad choices we have made.

The key to the solution is in our hands though – health is born from our decision and determination to heal ourselves, to become healthy again. Once the first choice towards our health is made, everything changes. We will make informed, conscious decisions every time afterwards.

My role in this process is to help you with these decisions. To find the root cause of any current problem you might face. To help you with food choices, reading labels, finding the missing nutrients that your body requires for optimal functioning, any genetic dispositions towards certain illnesses, health risks, foods that might not agree with your unique build.