Functional Testing

Functional Testing is focusing on examining physiological function as a marker of health, not just markers of a certain pathology.

Functional tests are laboratory tests that address the functions of the various systems of the body. They are designed to determine what metabolic and biochemical imbalances exist that could determine the potential for health as well as for illness.

The testing can cover such areas of health as the liver detoxification pathways, heavy metals and toxin overload, adrenal health, reproductive hormone health, digestive health, vitamin and mineral status, presence of pathogens, absorption of nutrients, thyroid health, immune health, and much more.

These tests are designed to test for functionality and not pathology. The tests are not used to determine what’s medically problematic (i.e. whether you have a certain disease), but to see what can be done nutritionally and/or with lifestyle changes; and what imbalances are present upon which we can develop together your personalised plan.

Functional tests use saliva, urine, stool and blood to provide the information to improve health status.

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