“ If you feel ready to really change your life, and not just changes that last for a week or two, this course is your go-to. Wholesome, relatable, doable, profound, and most importantly thanks to this, if you really have the courage to engage in all Edi has to share with you, you can really take the first major steps into the renewed YOU. It’s definitely worth your money, time and energy and you come out as an upgraded version of yourself by the end of the journey ready to take on your new world. Edi is a beautiful soul sister, who will make you feel like a part of a family, provides you with very wholesome and practical information, meditation, yoga and breathing exercises, homeworks, nutrition tips and many more. So what are you waiting for? Thank you Edi for being wonderful YOU.”

“This has been one of the most informative courses I have ever done!! A wealth of information on diet and lifestyle delivered by the beautiful and extremely knowledgeable Edi who I was privileged to meet last year in Italy.
I love Edi’s approach in this unique course, the way it is divided into 4 logical sections related to the different energy centres and how these can affect our lives in both a negative and a positive way.
Each session has included either a short yoga or meditation as well as guidance on nutrition and a manageable homework each week.
I never imagined I would learn so much and each week we have been sent the slides which was so useful as there is sooo much useful information in there which I will constantly refer to.
I will be truly sorry when the course is over as I’ve enjoyed it sooo much and got so much out of it. Edi knows her stuff!!!


“I have had the pleasure of participating in Edi’s 4 week workshop and I am so pleased to share that it was a phenomenal journey. The sessions were very informative and I learnt a lot about nutrition and about how our mind and body is interconnected and the importance of eating the right foods. I loved that the sessions were designed around the energy chakras and how we can activate them. Edi is extremely knowledgeable and an expert at nutrition. She shares her knowledge with tremendous compassion and care as well. The sessions felt like home. She is genuinely passionate about helping other people lead healthier lives. She went to an an extra mile to support me. I felt sad that the sessions were coming to an end. I highly recommend her to anyone who is looking to make healthy changes in their life. Thank you so much Edi!


Where do we even start.

The biggest challenge of our times is not to get confused by the amount of nutrition based information out there, it can be intimidating.

We had seen so many specialists and doctors to check our kids health and nutrition and although they had a good detailed knowledge in their own area, we would have to connect it to everything else we knew or discovered.

When we started to work with Edi, we were simply amazed by her breadth and depth of knowledge in nutrition and we have seen such a big amazing difference. We only wish that we came across Edi’s work before.

Thank you so much Edi, our kids nutrition is so good and we feel we are doing right by our kids.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Kan & Anu

I came to Nutreena just four months ago, and honestly I’m not sure where to begin explaining how life changing Edi’s treatment has been for me.

I’d first approached my GP with a list of symptoms, which ticked almost all of the indicators for Hypothyroidism. My GP agreed I should be tested, and she arranged a blood test. I was relieved to think I might have an identifiable problem that could be treated, and dared to hope I’d eventually start feeling better. However when the analysis came back, I was told: “Great news – the test results show everything is OK and already within range”.

According to my doctor, my symptoms – all of them – from [weirdly] my toes being permanently numb, chronic fatigue, constant pins & needles in my hands, arms and legs, to my pupils unable to stay constricted, gut pain, joint pain, dry skin/eyes/hair, bloating, insomnia, depression and anxiety – were all just likely to be:

  • Either a part of how my body was changing as it aged, or
  • Because I drank red wine too regularly.

So I’m getting old, and/or it’s my own fault. Exactly the answers my low self-esteem had been providing me for years, and precisely why I’d not bothered getting help for any of my health complaints or growing/new aches and pains previously.

But this time I was fed up. Surely everyday life wasn’t supposed to feel this crushingly difficult…I knew something wasn’t right, but I could sense if I queried it any further with my Dr. I’d just be put on a course of anti-depressants. I remember thinking all I wanted was for someone to tell me what my body really needed. That’s when I decided to search for a good Nutritionist I could work with, and I thank my lucky stars I found Edi.

Edi was extremely thorough and gave me true validation from the start. She also arranged for more detailed, reliable lab tests and has since been treating me for adrenal stress, dysbiosis and huge overall mineral imbalances.

I wouldn’t have believed it was possible before, but all of those ‘old age’ symptoms have now been corrected! I feel like I could be in my twenties; my short term memory is so much better, I keep getting comments on the ‘glowiness’ of my skin, I have more energy than I know what to do with, I’m a more patient listener, I laugh more, love being around other people, and my Husband says he has his wife back. Also, as a totally unexpected bonus my long distance eyesight has even improved to the point where I don’t bother with my glasses anymore!

Having said that, I found it wasn’t the absence of the symptoms that turned it all around for me, it was what I took away from my sessions with Edi.
The process has of course been challenging, and in the beginning I was pretty low on will power and self-belief so it took a massive leap of faith to walk away from everything that I thought was helping me keep it together. Sometimes it feels like nobody in the health profession wants to give out promises any more, but Edi did – she made me a promise that I would feel 100 times better if I followed this through, and now I do.

With her extensive knowledge and truly holistic approach she’s been the single most motivating factor in this whole process. She’s made sure changes have been incremental and manageable for me, and it’s been fascinating learning from her what’s really going on inside my body as we go along.

In summary, there is no one I wouldn’t recommend Edi to. You can trust her; the woman is pure awesomeness with wheels on and magic sprinkles.


I went to Edi as I had a bit of a heart scare and although my cholesterol was ‘normal’ I was still getting clogging in the bends in my arteries.  The specialist’s solution was to go on Statins.

I am not a fan of just going on drugs with no real investigation into my lifestyle or eating habits so I decided to seek the opinion of a Nutritionist to help me.

Since going to Edi I keep an honest food diary (brutally honest!) which helped her sort out my diet.  I keep to the ‘diet’ (though it is more a lifestyle change) as best as I can, but have the odd slip as I need to live as well and for it to not feel like a punishment !  Edi encouraged me all the way – even the slips.  She has given me many supplements to take and although it’s a bit of a hassle taking so many I can already feel the benefits.  I am hoping we can cut these down soon as the difference is amazing.  The side effect of the changes Edi made to my diet is that I have lost 5Kg’s, feel slim and healthy even though I eat loads.

I have to be more organised and had to really commit to it in the first few weeks.  Then it became easier and I naturally go for the better choices (not always perfect) but if I deviate from my good eating I do it controlled and guilt free and then go back to being good.  Edi makes sure I do not feel guilty for the odd deviation and it has made me stick to it better overall.

A recent blood test has shown that in just 4 weeks I have knocked 0.5 off my bad cholesterol and improved the good by 1.5.  Astonishing results !

I can thoroughly recommend Edi.

Helen Tong


Professional, motivated and friendly. If you want to see results then talk to Edi.

The guidance that Edi gave me was simply life-changing. You don’t realize how bad you are feeling until you are doing the right things for your body and you come to see that feeling the way you did wasn’t normal.

I came to see Edi with severe digestive issues, heart and weight problems, Edi was not only able to identify my root issues, but also gave me simple and actionable solutions that fit my lifestyle. After six weeks of implementing the changes she suggested, my energy levels were higher, my digestion was better, and I went months without ever getting sick. I still see her on regular basis as I’m continuing to notice positive changes, and I have recommended her to my friends too.

Diego Molina

I approached Nutreena on the 8th of March 2016 after my doctors gave me an initial diagnosis of Chronic Fatigue syndrome. After looking at the prognosis and not liking what I saw I contacted Nutreena for some alternative advice. I had suffered a year of exhaustion, extreme brain fog, dizziness, and high levels of pain in all my joints and I was feeling depressed at the prospect of my life continuing down this path.

During my initial consultation, I found Eddie to be wonderful, she was kind, compassionate and understanding. She advised me on a number of lifestyle changes, supplements and eating guidelines for me to start with, as well as recommending some tests. She made sure that I knew it would mean big changes in my life but that she would be there to support me on my journey. After a week of following her advice, I started to feel considerably better.

When I went back to see her a month later to get my test results I was already feeling much better. I was twelve pounds lighter, my brain fog was easing and I was much less exhausted. From the test results she then went on to give me some much more targeted advice and a plan for the next coming months to really get my mind and body better. After just six weeks of following all the advice I was given I now feel 110% better. My brain fog has completely gone as well as all the aches and pains that were keeping me up every night for the past. My energy levels have increased dramatically and I now have enough energy to be able to easily manage my day. And as a massive bonus in six weeks I have lost 18lbs.

I have gained a much better understanding of my body and the impacts of my diet. I am now able to finally live a new improved lifestyle that will enable me to live the life that I truly want. I cannot speak more highly of the advice and support I have been given from Nutreena and I would not hesitate to recommend their services to anyone. I can honestly say that the whole experience has been life changing.

Thank you

Helena Jarrold

I was sceptical about nutritional therapy until I met Edi. She has a solid command of the building blocks needed to restore balance and works hard to crack the difficult case. She’s tough and stands her ground – always keeping your best interests at heart. If you’re looking for a pushover you had better go elsewhere but if you are serious about changing your life for the better, a few hours of her time are definitely worth it! Everyone asks how. after all these decades, I finally managed to lose the 17 KG and 2 suit sizes I started the year with. I just smile and put them in touch with her!!

PJ Di Giammarino