What to Expect

Holistic approach with a personalised life style plan – tailored to your unique needs

If you’re wondering what ‘holistic’ in my practice means – let me guide you through what happens at a consultation. You will be asked loads of questions about your life (not just what you eat 🙂 ) – previous medical history from your birth up to the time of the consultation, lifestyle, emotional life state, worries, working and social environment, relationships, stress levels and traumas, basically all aspects of your life.

Each of us are unique – and nutritional therapy gives you a personalised plan based on your experiences, your problems and your current state of health.


It’s also very important to note, that the plan you get is not a “diet plan”, I much prefer the term “your new healthy lifestyle plan”. Prepare to change your life for the better forever, by learning about how to make informed decisions on how to nourish your body both with food and other tools.

Depending on the health issues you come with, we might have follow up sessions to keep track of the progress you make.

Before we finish the consultations – I’d like each of my clients to feel renewed, confident and informed enough to be able to keep the freshly gained balance in the future.