Welcome to my blog :)

Welcome to Nutreena Blog!

Thanks so much for taking the time and visiting! These are very exciting times for me. Yesterday my brand spanking new website was born. As a Nutritional Therapist, you can’t not be a “foody”, right? Since my quest for healthy and at the same time nutritious, healing foods began, I’ve been much more inspired to cook as well. I will share as many recipes with you, as possible. All tried and tested – and easy to make. I will also do my best to share interesting topics with you on a weekly basis. This year has been a very busy one for me, with quite a lot of stress, lots of travelling and amazing foods all over the world. So watch this space forAppleheart posts on how to cope with an insane amount of stress in our daily lives, how to keep healthy on flights and at airports and where I go if I’d really like to treat myself (mostly in London, but wherever I’m travelling as well)

Hope you’ll enjoy my blog posts!

Take care,

Edi a.k.a.  Nutreena x