New York City Food Adventures :)


I had the great good fortune to visit one of my favourite cities again this August, New York city is just so much fun.

I guess as a nutritionist it’s a different kind of fun – but I promise, it was amazing.

The challenge is to find tasty food, ALWAYS, and for me it also has to be healthy. I am so sad when people think “healthy” to be boring and dull. It really upsets me if they think that if you’re eating healthy you’re missing out. I hope my blog will show you, that it’s not the case and NYC is the perfect place to find the best of all – tasty, nutritious, ethically sourced food.

AcaibowlEdiI really like to start my day at one of the Juice Generation shops when I go there. ( They have anything you’d want for a yummy breakfast. Cold pressed green juices, awesome smoothies and acai bowls all can be boosted with extra plant based protein powders – all vegan and gluten free, colourful ingredients, and they use their own home made nut milks. We tried the Amazing Green Acai bowl topped with blueberries and hemp seeds and after my 10km run around Central Park – I chose the Protein Revolution bowl, both were super delicious and filling.AcaiBowl

For lunch – especially if you’re playing with the thought of becoming vegan I can definitely recommend Candle 79 ( – it’s on the East side of Central Park, really cute little restaurant, their meals are very filling and flavoursome – great introduction to some exciting veggie dishes. As the weather was super hot I chose a melon salad with some grilled tofu and vegan cashew cheese, while my friend tried their super yum crepe filled with all the veggie goodness you can imagine. We enjoyed our meals so much, that we just simply didn’t talk to each other for a change 😀

Coffee lovers are also well supported in New York, there are so many great little independent stores, but we also found some nice quality chains there too. One of our favourites was Joe Coffee ( and the ultimate favourite for bullet proof coffee and paleo food – Hu Kitchen ( We had several meals here, dinner and lunch, hot or cold, meat or vegan – it’s up to you, you’ll find the tastiest dishes, best raw vegan and sugar free desserts and most amazing chocolates.


Our last dinner we chose another one of the ethical and organic chains, Bare Burger ( All their veggies are organic, they support little farms, their meat is also organic, grass fed and all natural. You just can’t go wrong if you fancy something naughty. They have gluten free buns, vegan, veggie, and different meat patties and you can build your own burger – toppings are also pretty awesome, the selection contains from guacamole to kimchi anything delicious and nutritious you can imagine. My guilty pleasure was their sweet potate fries. But I ran it off next day, all around Central Park, promise.

RunmapNYCA weekend brunch must do is Chelsea Market and walking it off on the High Line – we found the perfect place there as well called Indie Fresh ( – they have healthy soups, broths, smoothies, eggs, pho – all the good stuff your potentially hungover tummy can dream of. 😉

I even found a lovely organic café in Hoboken (Pure Pita) for our last lunch – and we were very positively surprised by the food quality, the choice of yummy meals available and the service was extra nice. ( We both chose one of their brown rice bowls with lots of veggies and Ahi tuna. It was yum.

I find it super easy to locate quality food in this city and hope my few recommendations will help anyone choosing the right food there as well.

Have you got any favourite places to eat there? Leave a comment if you’d like to share J

Peace, Love & Juice 😉
Edi x

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Eating healthy in the City

The title of my blog my sound a little bit controversial for you, but it is not impossible to find healthy options during your lunch hour food hunt.

I have spent 10 years working in the City and especially after starting my training in Nutrition it became my challenge to find the healthiest options while out and about.

It’s wonderful to see that most of the high street cafes and restaurants are recognising the new demand for nourishing, vitamin and nutrient packed lunches and your usual triangle sandwich is not good enough for most customers any more.Skinny_ThaiGreen_0

Since joining SuperWellness this January, I’ve also become part of something great. A team of Registered Nutritional Therapists, who are helping city workers transform their habits. We have all been there and have long years of experience in working for corporates, being under tremendous amounts of pressure and finding food could often become a less priority.

We also recognise though the importance of nourishing, healthy meals and how these can actually become our allies while juggling a crazy busy day.

So here we are, our mission became helping our ex companies and all corporate employees to create new, healthy habits. We run wellness awareness days, nutrition centred talks and seminars, food workshops and challenges. We write blog posts on interesting and current topics, all backed up by latest research and spiced with our personal recommendations.

In the spirit of all this, we have launched a series of helping anyone working in the city to find the healthiest food options, and this month, I reviewed POD and how to choose your meals there. Read about it here.

Nutty Nibble Pot copy

If you are a Pret fan, my colleague, Francesca has posted a wonderful review on their menu as well here.


Just because we are busy we don’t have to follow the unhealthy eating habits any more.

Enjoy your lunch 😉 x