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2017 poison into 2018 medicine

Today is the last day of 2017 and I also believe that it’s really important to reflect on our year before we begin a new cycle on the 1st of January. My biggest lesson this year was how truly detrimental chronic stress can be as I experienced it first hand. When you lead a relatively […]

New York City Food Adventures :)

  I had the great good fortune to visit one of my favourite cities again this August, New York city is just so much fun. I guess as a nutritionist it’s a different kind of fun – but I promise, it was amazing. The challenge is to find tasty food, ALWAYS, and for me it […]

Eating healthy in the City

The title of my blog my sound a little bit controversial for you, but it is not impossible to find healthy options during your lunch hour food hunt. I have spent 10 years working in the City and especially after starting my training in Nutrition it became my challenge to find the healthiest options while […]

Heart-healthy Beetroot Smoothie Recipe

As some of you already know I am one of the proud Team members of SuperWellness Nutrition, and what we do is something truly amazing and transformational. More info here. All of us are Registered Nutritional Therapists and have been working in a corporate environment previously. Our stories are very different, but they all led […]

Healthy Gluten-free Pancakes

Happy Pancake Day 2016! It’s my great pleasure to share this super easy and super yummy recipe with you all. Ingredients: 4 organic ripe bananas 4 organic free range eggs 80gr of brown rice flour 1 tsp organic cinnamon 2 tbsp organic raw coconut oil Method: (Invite friends around) Mash the bananas with a fork […]

Breakfast for Champions – 10/10

The last Champion breakkie is here! And this is a morning time saver. Because you’ll have to make it in the evening, leave it in the fridge, then only add your toppings in the morning and either enjoy it straight away – or take it with you to work, to the gym, park, wherever you’re […]

Breakfast for Champions – 9/10

Let’s start Thursday morning with a healthy kick – another green smoothie for you all. This one is perfect especially if you’re having it after your exercise, in which case I would also recommend you to add a scoop of vegetarian protein powder to it (Pulsin, Sun Warrior, Purple Balance – just to mention a […]

Breakfast for Champions – 8/10

Hope your week is going well – and that you’re enjoying the healthy smoothies and the ‘not so boring’ porridge recipes 😉 Today I’m sharing with you my longing to summer and the strawberry season. You don’t have to spend a fortune on organic fruit though, you can buy them frozen for much cheaper and […]

Breakfast for Champions – 7/10

Getting ready for your Tuesday morning? Would you like to boost your immune system with some green goodness again? This is the smoothest smoothie you can imagine and the secret ingredient is avocado. Don’t get discouraged, give it a go, it’s going to be amazing! 😉 Breakfast for Champions 7. Avocado banana spinach protein bowl […]